Top garage door installation companies in Sandton

Centurion SDO4 Sandton is the number one supplier of Centurion garage door motors and offers the best pricing as well. We are a team of experts when it comes to all the different Centurion garage door motors and will always advise on the best option suited for your garage doors and advise on the correct motor size that is needed to handle the garage door that you have.

Best garage door motors to have installed?

Centurion motors are the most favourable choice when it comes to choosing a garage door motor and is by far the most popular choice and although pricing does differ to other motors Centurion SDO4 Sandton is the best garage motor to go with.  Centurion garage motors have been the trusted brand for many years and have many different models to choose from, but not to worry we will advise on the best motor for you and we promise to be fair in pricing.

Centurion SDO4 Sandton

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New garage doors for sale in Sandton

Centurion SDO4 Sandton supplies and installs garage door motors for all different types of garage doors.  Manual garage doors are no longer in need and everyone is switching to automatic garage doors.  We highly recommend that a Centurion garage motor is a right choice to go with. It is important to remember that you should have your Centurion motor serviced regularly but this is also dependent on the usage of it.  We also offer maintenance on all Centurion motors to make sure that it is always in excellent condition, saving you money in having to replace the whole garage motor.

Are aluminium garage doors a good choice to have as a garage door?

Centurion garage motors work very well with wooden garage doors, double garage doors, garage doors, roller garage doors, and best for an automatic garage door. Roller garage doors, however, are not always automatic but are used manually. Centurion SDO4 Sandton will always advise on the best option for your property and offer the best garage door prices that are on the market.  We don’t only deal with garage motors but install and repair garage doors as well.

Centurion SDO4 Sandton

Best garage door installation and repair company in Sandton

Not only do we supply, install and repair garage motors and garage doors but we are also qualified in the following service, Tv Mounting, Wifi Installations, Electric Fencing, Gate Motors, Cctv Camera, Gate motors, Intercom, Security gate, Garage Door Motor, Burglar Bars, Boom gates and Access control